What a wonderful array of food. The variety was amazing and all so fresh ans tasty. Thank you so much

Buffet for 70

Lisa, what a fabulous cake! Dad was gobsmacked! It looked amazing, and tasted wonderful – the chocolate and raspberry was a fab combination. Thank you so much

Celebration cake

Everybody loved the food. It tasted as good as it looked. Thank you Lisa

Buffet for 40

I will recommend you to everybody I know. Great  food, great service

Party for 30

Great meal and great service

Dinner for 50

Thanks Lisa, great spread today, see you next week

Business lunch for 10

So glad I got you to take care of the food. happy kids and happy mum. Thank you Lisa

Children s party for 40 kiddies

I have never used outside catering before and was nervous of having somebody in my kitchen. Would not hesitate to use you again. Great food, great service and a clean kitchen

Dinner Party for 16

Fab food, all wholesome and healthy, the kids never knew it was good for them. Really imaginative display

Childrens party for 30 kiddies

Thank you so much for all your hard work. The detail and quality of the food you supplied was outstanding. I loved the cookie tree

6th birthday Party for 25 kiddies